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May 31, 2009 § 2 Comments

Happiness is not something we need to work too hard to get. Simple things can do the job very well, as long as they’re done in a spirit of love and good will. Some things which make me happy:

breakfast with buddies


There’s something I particularly like about having breakfasts with friends.

Part of it is due to the fact that breakfasts occur in the mornings, and in the mornings (during the holidays), I generally feel optimistic and happy because I’ve got a whole day ahead of me. So many things I can do with the time, or so I think.

Breakfast food is also generally easier to eat. I don’t have to navigate the rice and the meat and the vegetables, cut them, arrange them nicely on my spoon etc. It’s just milo and bread or just some finger food that’s really easy to eat.

I think my love for breakfasts started out when I was in TJ. It was then when there were actually some early breaks, unlike in primary or secondary school, so all of us could go have breakfast together. I would frequent the western stall which offered a very nice breakfast set–sausage, eggs and beans. Or I would eat cold tau huay, 40 cents only 🙂

nice smells


This cologne is nice to smell because mummy bought it for me, knowing how much I like Ariel. With this, I’m going to smell like a mermaid from now on 🙂

I would think smells are very important. I get nostalgic with some. For example, I like Johnson and Johnson’s baby bath (blue) because it was my childhood shower gel.

home-cooked food


This is what I ate today! Healthy meals like this remind me of my mother’s love. Only mothers would bother putting lotsa lotsa veggies into your food. Of course, in this case, there’re lotsa veggies because it is ehhh, salad. But yea, mummy does put in quite a bit of effort in keeping us all healthy.

good books


These are the ones I am currently reading/have read at least a bit and intend to pick up again soon. They touch abit on christianity. C.S.Lewis is always clear and insightful, and I do think he’s a kindred spirit. We seem to care about lots of the same things. Or maybe I’m just reading the topics I’m concerned about, ha! I’m particulary happy after reading abit of Rome sweet home– I seriously envision myself loving the Catholic church a lot more after because I’m starting to feel it already. As for Father Brown, I think I very much like the idea that our detective is a priest, although my detective skills are so bad I don’t understand what Father Brown is doing half the time.


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§ 2 Responses to of happy things

  • vera says:

    haha greetings from korea! wow you have been updating this blog a lot! 🙂 thanks so much for sending me off la u and aud. hope u have an enjoyable hols~ 🙂

    • Serene says:

      haha bu yong xie! that’s what frens are for! u r going for so long must send off one! boohoo we have so little time when u finally come back 😦

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