a matter of dumping everything in :)

June 2, 2009 § 3 Comments


Ever since I returned from the cookout at Jess’s place and learnt that:

  1. I cannot differentiate an onion from a garlic
  2. People can make pasta sauce. There is an option aside from getting it in bottled form at the supermarket!
  3. APY can make pasta
  4. Fifi can make nice baked potatoes with lotsa butter and cheese

I’ve been thinking that it’s time I learnt how to cook. This was reinforced when I was talking to Jeremy online and he said that cooking was just a matter of dumping everything into the pot.

If that’s so, then I can do it too!

Today I tried my hand at baked rice, and found that Jeremy is indeed wise. It is just a matter of dumping everything into the pot, for baked rice at least.

For my dear friends who are as clueless as me, this is what I did to make the dish above.

Ingredients: canned mushrooms, rice, mozarella cheese, canned tuna

  1. cook rice
  2. cut mushrooms (daddy helped with the can opening)
  3. dump rice and mushrooms into bowl (cannot be plastic)
  4. spread cheese and tuna(optional lar) on top
  5. put in heater
  6. take out previous day’s cucumber from fridge to decorate food and to make it look healthy

And that’s it! I never knew it was so easy!





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§ 3 Responses to a matter of dumping everything in :)

  • wwwldominicc says:

    You’re hilarious, you know?! (I’m sure you’ll say “Yes I know”)

    Haha. So you had tuna too – it wasn’t just cheese, rice and mushrooms. Congrats! :p

    BTW, note #1 on your list of “Possibly related posts”:
    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * disgusting student meals

    You should complain to WordPress.

  • Serene says:

    no lor dom i have better sense than to be admit that around you who keep telling me about humility and even introduced me to the humility prayer :p

    haha i can’t find the possibly related posts 😀

  • Dom says:

    Hehe 🙂
    Ya…I know you’re modest, you just like acting funny. 🙂

    Ya I can’t find the posts either…

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