new discovery: chiara lubich

June 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

I want to get ‘Christian Living Today’ by Chiara Lubric. Haha, though I haven’t finished up on C.S.Lewis.

Here’re some excerpts of her work:

Think of the sun and it’s ray. Take the sun as a symbol of the will of God, which is God himself. Imagine the rays symbolise God’s will for each individual. Walk to the sun in the light of your own ray, diverse and distinct from everyone else’s, and fulfill the marvelous design God has for you.

There is an unlimited number of rays, all pouring from the same sun…each a single will, special for each of us.

The closer the rays get to the sun, the closer they get to each other. We too, the closer we get to God, by doing his will more and more perfectly, the closer we get to each other.

Until we shall all be one.

(in ‘Christian Living Today’)

16 / 3 /1968

Jesus, you, on Easter morning appeared to Mary Magdalene and called her by name. Everything about her you forgot: her sins, her past.

You called her.
Therefore, is this not so for each of us?
If we have decided to love you, do you not forget everything and call us?
Why do we then often feel perturbed by our failures, our past and our sins?
Are you not the same Jesus now as back then?


If one loves, he gives.
If the other loves, she gives.
If we love each other,
everything belongs to everyone.
So live the Gen 4.

…I am a person who passes through this world. I have seen many beautiful and good things and I have always felt attracted only by those. One day, a day like others, I saw a light. It struck me as more beautiful than the other beautiful things and I pursued it. I realized that it was the Truth


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