recording the mundane

June 29, 2009 § 2 Comments

This is going to be a supposedly boring post, because I’m going to report what I’ve been doing. But I’m not guilty, since I think life is 70% of the run-of-the-mill stuff like brushing your teeth, waking up late, sitting down to a good book, re-watching your favourite movie etc. Only once in a while do you get to do things like go to Vancouver. Even then there is much paperwork to be done.

Now I do not know where to start. I’m not good at updating people about my life. Much of this blog is an attempt.

OK, I shall start with…I watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ again.


 There’s something about that movie which attracts me, which makes me feel…I think, happy. It may be the familiarity of it all, the pains my mother took to keep renting it for me when I was around 4 until she finally succumbed to my frequent requests to watch it and bought almost the whole disney collection of videos available. I practically grew up on The Little Mermaid. And because of that movie, I grew up on Disney.

It has been 17 years now. But good movies are always worth re-watching. It’s like how you always meet up with good friends, how you don’t get sick of them even if you’re meeting again and again and all of you have moved on in life such that there are less common things to talk about. Still, when you see each other, you are happy. You don’t feel like the distance has grown too much. It’s the same for ‘The Little Mermaid’. I’ve grown, and supposedly shouldn’t be watching cartoons. The ‘real’ world has constantly fed me with the notion that fairytales are all lies, apart from all the cynicism I see in others, and in myself. But when I watch ‘The Little Mermaid’, it’s like remembering a dream from the past, when you have stopped dreaming already and so desperately seek to dream again. It’s like I’ve come home to my true self, abit.


Apart from that, I’ve been reading the two new books I’ve bought. But despite the knowledge that I hold gems of wisdom in my hands, I cannot sit still and read for even an hour straight. Part of the reason is that I basically cannot sit still, and the other part of it is that I think it is too much for me. There is so much wisdom in them, I must savour, not gobble. While reading though, I had this thought: knowledge-wise, I already knew what I had to know– that Jesus died on the cross, that He is my savior etc. But much of this knowledge I do not comprehend fully, and as such, they remain truths which do not significently alter my life. Perhaps I’m like the hardened soil, which though receives the seed, doesn’t absorb it into itself. Reading the books gave me a greater insight into these truths, so I may not only know but comprehend and put the whole thing into context.



I’ve started on the Liver enhancement plan. It says I should avoid carbohydrates. But when you have milo smiling at you, yakult beckoning in your fridge and danish buns sitting seductively on your table, ummm… Haha, I’m trying lar, I’m definitely eating less carbs but allowing the occassional temptation. Ha but I shouldn’t call it temptation, these foods are good and provide me great solace. I seriously think it would affect my emotional well-being greatly if I cut down on carbs entirely, and doesn’t your emotional well-being affect your physical well-being too? I’m just being a well-rounded person.

I’m still remaining at the tuition centre for another month. When one parent heard I was leaving, she presented me with a gift–a thumbdrive. Haha, I am grateful and amused. But at the same time, there is some sadness because I know that leaving this job would mean leaving some of the relationships I have behind. What I’m looking forward to though, are the lazy saturday and sunday mornings. I will also be less tired should I need to attend something in the evening. It’s always like this, isn’t it? A decision makes you feel both happy and sad. On my liver enhancement diet, I have been pondering over what I eat and I realise it’s about the same for food. Wine is good for the heart but bad for the liver. Some foods make you really happy but really fat. It seems that too much of a good thing is bad. I realise it’s only on the spirit of God that we can feed on and still continue to need more and thirst for more.

I actually have more to update, but won’t continue for now! I never knew I had it in me to be so long-winded.


§ 2 Responses to recording the mundane

  • aud says:

    I like the thoughts rene! It’s good to read what u’ve to share. Am glad that while u’re doing the ‘mundane’ stuff, u’re learning sth new! (or pondering over stuff).

    Inspires me =)

  • Serene says:

    glad to know i’m inspiring aud!! 🙂 Ha but in general, yup, I think we should not take the mundane for granted :)) Everyday events, everyday people. Go read the play “Our Town” if you’re free–it also talks about treasuring the mundane but in a much more elegant way. I have the book–sec 2 lit.

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