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July 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

fi's convo

Have attended 2 commencements in 2 consecutive days! 🙂 It was Mo’s yesterday and Fi’s today. I would have gone for another if Dom did know he was supposed to invite people! 😉

It’s kinda nice to go for these kinda events and to observe people on their big day.  I like the whole atmosphere, the smell of excitement in the air. Students released from bird-cages, ready to face the world after empowering speeches by their valedictorians, but perhaps with a pinch of nostalgia, well-hidden of course.

Our dearest fifi was swarmed by the group of us cg people, her boyfriend handsome and darling parents. Flowers were presented. We took turns to take photos with her, examine her hat and the tassel that comes with it. Despite the heat, dearest fifi wore her gown with grace, and did not flinch even when we went to the humid outdoors to take photos with the big letters. We were rather intrigued by the bouquet of flowers in her hand, but sadly, while jo and I were in spiritual ecstacy over this wonderful creation of God, APY remarked that we looked like aunties. He must have been jealous of the flowers. And rightly so, for it appeared the flowers deserved all this attention. Besides charming (almost) everyone with their beauty, Fifi discovered a further use for them–covering Eugene’s face.



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  • fi says:

    Aww thanks again for coming Serene!! 🙂 🙂 really happy and touched to see yu all 🙂 haha what a cute post! I think blocking Eugene’s face has been one of my smartest moves yet! hahaha 😛

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