growing up

August 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Growing up, I’ve resisted it quite fruitlessly.

From being taken care of as a kid to taking care of children while teaching them. It was a maturity I had to deliberately muster.

In CSS, when I’m STILL transiting from being a freshie to being a senior. I’m not too used to taking care of people.

And yesterday we had to have a conversation about giving birth and dead bodies. I’m filled with horror. Growing up (and dying) cannot be so gory!

So I soak myself with the fantasy encouraged by Disney and recently, cheerful movies like ‘Sound of Music’.

When I was younger, I never noticed the hint of looming horror in the presence of the Nazi people in that movie. Now I watch it again and I realise that even in a happy movie like ‘Sound of Music’, there is cold bloody realism. There is heartbreak.

All these hints were always there I guess, but now that I’m abit more grown up, I start to see it.

I don’t like what I see. I wish to once again bury my head in the sand of my childhood, but the winds always seem to come to blow the sand away.



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