August 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

A sudden impulse brought me to school yesterday to attend the art’s AGM (annual general meeting), and I’m happy I did.

I’ve always thought that people running for positions had fame and power in mind. Well, that was the impression I had from my JC’s student council elections. During the elections, candidates wanted to serve the school. Later, it became apparent that enhancing their resume was much more of a concern. I accepted that this was an undeniable aspect of the kiasu Singaporean mentality and I didn’t hate my friends who ran. It was impossible, since a few of them were quite close to me. One can both want to serve the school and enhance their resume. Still, it was clear to me then that I wouldn’t respect or admire someone merely because they were in leadership positions. 

However, my 2 years in CSS has helped widen my perspective. I don’t think I will change my mind about elections in general. Rather, it has let me see that it is very possible that in a God-centred environment, people running for positions can be without the ulterior motive to enhance their position, and truly sincere about wanting to serve the community.

I know this because the candidates at the AGM really took time to discern if they should run. It’s not a question of whether they want to run. For them, it’s a question of whether GOD wants them to run. I’m particularly heartened to know that Malala actually made a disciplined effort to pray daily for 3 weeks to discern this. I’m also encouraged by Charmaine who made herself available to God and the community even though she was “one step in CSS and another step out”. I must say I admire her for doing what she thought was right when it seemed to me that she didn’t really want to run.

I’m truly proud of every single person who decided to run yesterday and who decided to avail themselves to God. I am specially proud of Mag and Victor because it’s not easy to decide to run when one knows of the heavy workload ahead. And how can I forget dearest Stef? Her simple reason for running was to serve the community. I’ve heard that dozens of times, but this is the 1st time I actually have the inkling that it came right from the heart.

My conclusion? I can hate elections, but put God into the equation and elections can be a most beautiful time to glimpse into his relationship with his children, to witness Him calling them and to see people leaving everything behind to follow Him to become catchers of men (credit goes to Damien for reinforcing this analogy). With God in the vessel we can smile at the storm 🙂


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