my defences are tiuuuuuuu…..poom! (i.e. falling)

August 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

Another reason I’m happy I came yesterday is because I got to see AH JIU 🙂

And I got to talk to AH JIU 🙂

Not talk in the yo yes the weather is horrible way. It was heartfelt, but not in the ouch someone broke my loving and sensitive heart way.

To cut the long story quite short [although I’m a grandma when it comes to writing] my defences are tearing down, and I’m glad I have someone who understands.

As the day of exchange looms near, I’ve been realising how much I’m going to miss my family. And I’ve been realising that when I need help they will put in utmost effort to help me. The grandparents and the aunties have been generous with their wallet, even the more cash-strapped ones; at home, the wordless but nevertheless very meaningful gestures like surprising me with my favourite food; the many trips daddy made to the same place to look at a bag he wanted to get for me, his emphasis on getting a waist pouch amidst my lukewarm response and his many demonstrations of how everything would be so reachable with a waist pouch.

I have always thought myself to be emotionally independent. Revealing or discussing feelings makes me feel weak, but yet I think it better to be honest. I am not ready for this.


§ One Response to my defences are tiuuuuuuu…..poom! (i.e. falling)

  • ah jiu says:

    serene!! i can’t believe i just knew you have a blog!! hahaha and i see my name in caps!! 😀 (wah this comment box is elderly friendly. the fonts are SO big)

    aww you poor thing.. (tho now it’s too late to say all this anymore haha) but this post just shows how lovely you are! you have a very appreciative and self-reflective heart. i love my serene. hope you won’t feel as bad leaving vancouver! but it’ll prob b easier cos everyone will be leaving together and not just you 🙂

    have more fun for me! 😀

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