my eyes have seen the glory

September 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

A farm girl. Two brothers and a sister. And she’s new too. I met her because she’s part of the catholic student outreach and I had signed up for faith studies. “I’m here because I felt the calling,” she explained. I know I’ve heard the calling word many times. But talking to her, I understand what they mean when they say some people are a breath of fresh air.


I trudged on ahead. I was painfully aware of the fact that I was alone. I had asked if anyone wanted to come, and no one did, so I went on ahead and they let me go. I started to wonder if this was weird, if I was weird, to venture forth ahead, as if nothing could harm me. I heard the voice inside my head, telling me to turn back.  But blessing myself with the sign of the cross for protection, I walked on and entered what seemed like a forest.

I couldn’t remember the way, but then I was glad I didn’t remember the way. Not remembering the way leads one to new places. Yesterday when she brought me here we had a small spot of land to walk on. But here, the hills rolled on before me. As I stood mesmerised by the sun setting in the mountains spanning vancouver, it occured to me I didn’t know the way back, that there were no lights along the trails leading me here.

But I stubbornly walked on down the hill. I wanted to drink in more of what lay before me. 

I could see the river leading out to the ocean. I could see the mountains. I could see the sun sinking slowly down. I could see the city lights. All in one. And no camera would do justice to this.

Then I heard the guitar. A restaurant. Around me, there were couples, children running about, even a guy running down the hill with a rainbow-coloured parachute.

On the plaque it said, playground for the Gods. I can understand why, but no, the playground He plays in is even better.


On the way back, I met him, the only one whose friendly face cheered me up in my first week here. I couldn’t understand his accent, but oh, a nice end to the day 🙂 “You look like you’re going to kill me,” he joked. Earlier on, another guy said I walked as if I owned the world, I think. So I’m here, thinking if I’m really very scary. But ah, a nice day nevertheless.


§ 4 Responses to my eyes have seen the glory

  • aud says:

    whenever i read ur posts, I feel like I’m in a different land haha.

    U met a farm gal?

    Think u must have been thrilled with the beauty of God’s creation! Like a step towards your dreams of nature and farms and all the lovely things =)

    p.s. dont wander until u get lost arh!

  • Serene says:

    yea i think it’s so cool to meet a farm girl. ha farm girls here are very rare! If i ever go to a farm here i’ll come back and say i’m a farm girl, just to increase their numbers :))

    haha yea i am thrilled to see the beauty and discover new places, especially if it’s something i discover myself 🙂

  • ah jiu says:

    i think i rmb you saying i look like a farm girl… does she look like me? hahaha or did she finally break the myth of ‘ah jiu the farm girl’? :p as i read through your post i imagined myself walking through the forest and the hills as well and MAN. do i want it so badly.

    oh dear i think you’ll really miss the nature when you are back.. But, the world is small in the palms of God. maybe one day we can travel to such beautiful places together! 😀

    you are a breath of fresh air too. 😀

  • Serene says:

    umm my sensitive discrimination skills tell me immediately she is a western farm girl..and u r a farm girl from china or africa, so no myth about farm girls was broken :p

    Ha thanks Ah jiu I believe you are a breath of fresh air too! 😀 Let us, the breaths of fresh air, soar in the wind as we travel to beautiful places and spread the freshness to everyone 😀

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