grouse grind

September 27, 2009 § 4 Comments

Steep path up the rocks or…

a never ending fall down.

I chose the rocks, taking steps most careful, and umm…slow. The trail up seemed never ending, but the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 marks along the way were comforting. My only motivation was to return home in one piece.

Along the way I was surprised to see children and old men. The children were particularly agile. The old men seemed quite good too. The funniest one was the old man who sat at the side to rest and announced to passers-by that he was a couch potato. I also saw a bunch of women resting along the way, with one thinking aloud, ‘i wonder why we needed to do this just to prove ourselves’.

I’m not sure if I did this to prove to myself anything. I did want a sense of accomplishment, I did want to tell myself later I hiked up a mountain. Later the only thing on my mind was not to die, but anyway…

From now on, I am going to thank God for stairs instead of grumbling about the flight of steps in NUS, because I know what it’s like to just have rocks to climb on. I am going to thank Him for railings, because I know what it’s like to only have  only other rocks or tree branches to hold on to, and to look down and see… yes nice scenery ahem but one not to be appreciated because there was no railing to prevent me from its open jaws if i fall. 

I miss Singapore >.<


§ 4 Responses to grouse grind

  • sharonlin1988 says:

    sounds dangerous! you didn’t climb alone did you?

    • Serene says:

      yea it is dangerous though didn’t see any accidents. and i climbed with everyone else. haha r u imagining a scenario where we’re all roped to each other? 😀

  • vera says:

    wow brave girl! yeah dun tell me you hiked alone!!! >.<

  • vera says:

    oh.. i just saw your reply to your friend… haha… whenever u do dangerous endeavors must remember psalms 23: even though i walk through the valley of the shadowsof death, i fear no evil, for thou art with me. 🙂

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