Rocky Mountains (9-12 Oct)

October 23, 2009 § 2 Comments


The rocky mountains trip was the 4 day trip I happily made, together with Swee Yee, Diana and Calvin/Kelvin (I don’t know which), thus burying my overdue paper far back in vancouver 😡 It was all worth it. It was at the rocky mountains where we saw mountains, emerald green lakes, gurgling creeks, snow speaking of God’s great artistic skills. We stayed at pretty hotels, of which the 1st 10 minutes would be spent wowing at the bath items and bed. There we laughed a good deal playing heart attack/dog and bone and I learnt tai ti (Do I hear a ‘finally!’?). One of my more memorable times spent at the hotel was the super fun pillow fight the girls engaged in, while Calvin/Kelvin was doing something else of course. Every day, a substantial part of my time in the bus would be spent looking forward to nice food (korean, western, chinese). Other than thinking about the food in the bus, staring at the passing mountains was quite a good way to spend the time too. 

While enjoying all the beauty around me, I did wish at times that the water wasn’t so cold, so I could dip my feet into the lakes and the creeks. Some of the places we passed by held an air of magic and enchantment for me. There was much to do, but sitting on the bus, I passed swiftly by. 4 days ain’t enough!

Anyway, I thought the trip did bring us closer together, which is a good thing, since I’ve been lamenting over my utter lack of friends (yet refusing to make friends with people of dubious character/those whom I don’t foresee myself having genuine friendships with). I was highly amused over Diana’s super Singaporean-ness, realised that Swee Yee had a kind heart and started to view Calvin/Kelvin as a fellow from a somewhat similar culture instead of merely ‘some HK guy’.


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