stanley park and burnaby park

October 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

It has been quite an activity-filled weekend 🙂

It started on Friday, where we went to Stanley Park. We met at 4pm and when we reached it was already dark. Still, it turned out well in the end. The nightview was pretty and we saw racoons too. They wanted food, we wanted pictures. We were also fascinated by the crescent shaped moon, appearing intermittently in the fog. Swee Yee was most fascinated. The appearance of the moon elicited from her an expression of delight and a rather high-pitched exclamation “MOOOOOON!!”, which led Gary to remark  later that the girls were “so happy (to see the moon)…as if there were no moon in Singapore”. Yet I feel that her happiness (and mine too) was very much justified.


Let me explain. First, one should think of the moon as a friend. If I were to see a friend again after not seeing her for a few days/months, I should be justified in my happiness. We think of things found in rarity as valuable, but the worth of something should lie beyond the frequency of its occurance, rather in something intrinsic. Of course, my friend Gary may know this already and his protests might just be the way he expresses amusement, so it is possible that I’m explaining too much.

We were joined by Calvin and his fellow HK friend, and I wished I spent more time being hospitable. There needn’t be a divide between the group from Singapore and HK, just as there needn’t be a divide between Singaporeans and PRCs. My interaction with PRCs on exchange with us here have made me realise that the differences, though obvious, become less unimportant as time passes and we can have just as much fun together. My interaction with Calvin on the rockies trip made me realise the same. In our various travels, we have had people from other nationalities joining us. They are brave, I feel. Lately though, i haven’t been seeing these people. Perhaps their presence, as a minority, wasn’t felt in our group and friendships, if any, formed were quite forgotten as we lapse into our comfort zones.

Later was dinner at Anton’s pizza. We waited really long. Waitresses called people behind us in the line and they moved (one apologetically) to the seat. We waited an hour before we could eat. It seemed to be that couples got priority to be seated first, and our group of 7 had the last priority. Perhaps we should have split ourselves into 2 groups in the beginning, which the waitress later did anyway. Umm. We had 2 orders, one of which was delicious (with really fresh wild salmon) and the other so so.

The guys left first, because they got their food first and finished first. It was very cold and late when we made our way to the bus-stop. We decided to hide in front of a restaurant’s door to shield us from the cold. Diana started stretching her neck out to look out for the bus and advised Ling to do the same, as it might make her neck longer. Diana and I amused ourselves and Ling greatly trying to stick our necks out.

The next day, we were supposed to go for pumpkin picking. However, when we turned up, we saw there was no one there. Apparently the event got cancelled but without notice. We decided to go to Burnaby regional park instead. We walked circles looking for the lake (luckily there was nice scenery) but realised later that the lake was not very accessible. We didn’t find the lake in the end, but we did see deer lake brook which was pretty. I loved the blue skies (rare in rainy vancouver) and how the waters reflected the blue skies. Spent much time taking photos of trees which I’m super proud of 😡



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