November 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

I let doubt enter into my heart too easily.

It is when I read the following that I realise the importance of guarding against it.

Paul tells us that in all circumstances we must hold up the Shield of Faith– this gift of Faith.  It will help you to extinguish the fiery darts of the evil one.   I asked the Lord, “What are these fiery darts?”  He gave me an image of a whole enemy camp.  Satan and his cohort really had spears full of fire and were ready to throw them at us.  The Lord taught me that these fiery darts are darts of doubt. Satan uses these fiery darts to throw doubts at us because doubt is where he can attack the Shield.  If we’ve got that Shield of Faith up, that Faith is going to stop the doubt.  Belief will stop the doubt.  If I do not really believe in everything the Lord is saying, that Shield will have some weak areas and those darts could get right to me – they could get to my heart, to my person, to my mind – and I could get hurt because my Faith is in jeopardy then.  Paul tells us that these fiery darts need to be extinguished by the Shield of Faith.


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