blessings amidst gloominess

November 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

I have been feeling gloomy lately. Part of the gloominess arises from doing essays when I have other things I want to do. The other part of the gloominess arises from the fact that I feel that the people with me here have drifted so far apart and I am helpless in the face of it. I would much prefer to withdraw from all these and stay in my room myself, which though sometimes uneventful, beats all of that. I don’t really care if I miss out going to a place or not.

Yet there is comfort amidst this gloominess. There is Nancy, a woman I met from LISS whose house I go to for home-cooked meals every Monday before bible study. She is one whom I really admire– from her humility to her love for her children to her thoughtful actions. She is a Godsent.

Then there is Courtney, my faith study leader who arranges personal make-up sessions should I miss a session. Her presence is a ray of sunshine in itself.

Strangers too, have been most generous with their help. I refer to the two ladies who ferry me to the skytrain station after LISS and bible study.

There is something about these relationships I take comfort in. That something is its God-centredness. It’s reassuring to know that amidst a world where people seem to brandish knives and forks, there’re people who act with love as their guiding force, who give without expecting a return, who take time to build you up, who treat you as if you’re part of the family.

So yes, I’m tired. But no, I’m not hopeless. And it’s only because God sends such angels along the way.


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