essays and princes

December 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

My 2 20 page essays are making me highly depressed when I stop to think how highly impossible it is for me to complete them. The deadlines are tomorrow and while I have been flexible in meeting previous deadlines, believing firmly that I will not lose sleep just to meet arbitrary deadlines, I’m sure I will fail if I hand in sub-standard work and a week late too. These essays are 45% and 50% respectively, and so for the first (or second) time in my SEP life, I am feeling stressed. Obviously not stressed enough to not blog, but think of it as warming up to the writing process. I know I will only complete them through the grace of God.  Still, in the meanwhile it is just :(((

It was yesterday that in my misery I opened the fridge (a stress-relieving mechanism) and saw a little box of jello hiding in the corner. Luckily it was only the day before that a friend had enlightened me on the ease of preparing the jello dessert. If I had known or bothered to know how to prepare it earlier, there would be no more jello in the fridge. It wouldn’t even have the chance to hide 🙂 Which lead me to think… there IS a time for everything, a time to not know how to make jello, and a time to learn how to so as to ameliorate the misery of completing essays. In my delight, I typed ‘but jello will save the day’ as my msn nick.

It happened that it was not only Jello which saved the day (though not the essays). On MSN, malala talked to me, interested in my nick: ‘but jello will save the day’. So I told her how I was fainting from the essays and requested that she kindly provide a poisonous apple so I can faint. Since there was no such possibility, being miles away, she drew me one. Of course, being in a perpetual (though virtual) state of being unconsciousness is not the solution. Even snow white seems to know that, that’s why she may have subconsciously charmed a prince to kiss her after she took the poisonous apple. Now what I needed was a prince charming.

Since there are no prince charmings in Canada (though many think they are), I had to depend on the artistic talent of Malala to draw me one! And she did! I am carried off my feet, he is so handsome!! 🙂 Now, if only he was clever enough to save me from my essays 😀





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