studying in WMC

December 9, 2009 § 4 Comments

Yesterday was spent rushing our immigration paper in WMC with Diana, which turned out to be most enjoyable. I’ve missed studying together with friends.

In JC I had Sunita, in university there was Sharon, Pek, Aud, Vera, and, before she graduated, fi fi fo fum. Studying alone is boring. I have no motivation to even sit at my desk.

We were chased out of one of the rooms in WMC, leaving us refugees. How apt. Our immigration paper touched on that.

Having no where to go, we were forced to set up a table outside the guy’s toilet and sell tissue paper to earn a living. Okay okay, minus the selling tissue paper part. Actually, we worked as receptionists. As people entered the building, we greeted them. The same treatment goes for guys entering the toilet. They were warmly greeted with, “hi! welcome to WMC toilet!” Some of them smiled shyly as they walked past. After some time, we got promoted to researchers. Our research topics ranged from “how long does the average guy spend in the toilet?” to “do people walk faster if we play fast music?”

OK. Obviously, my imagination is running wild.

Anyway, what makes studying with Diana a unique experience is that she feeds you food. My, the girl even brought a picnic bag and a water boiler. As we settled down to study after being chased out, she brought out the appetiser– raisins and nuts. Then comes the main course– biscuits. And finally, she hands me a packet of rolled oats with brown sugar. 🙂 Ah, dessert. The water boiler she decided against using after considering that the steam may trigger the fire alarm and cause the whole building to evacuate. People will not be happy because they would be studying for exams or rushing essays. Running would take on a whole new meaning then.


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