March 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

I went to school in horrible shoes. They had slipped in easily enough. The brand “Sole Lovers” declared that it loved my soles.

Apparently not. Don’t believe everyone who tell you they love you. The word is over-used.

I had to get plasters. So I smsed everyone whom I thought would have plasters.

If feet have angels, this one came in the form of Vera, who walked over from the business faculty just to pass me her plasters 🙂 🙂

As I was pasting them on, someone in tears approached me and requested to use my handphone. Seeing that he was so devastated, I gave it to him. While waiting for him, I was thinking just how dependent we are on one another. Me on Vera, him on me.

Later I met Diana in the library. Seeing the condition of my feet, she offered to let me use her slippers when I walked to the toilet. It’s nice when you don’t ask for something although you need it, and someone gives it to you without your request.

She later also waited for me while I used her slippers to walk over to Cheers in YIH to get $3.50 slippers.

All this comes in the midst of my disillusion about friendships, which has led me to question the community I’m in. Yet just when I think I’m all alone and have to depend on myself, God still has a way of showing his love and proving me wrong. And, in the most unexpected people.

Over some food, my friend questioned how people can love if they didn’t know God. I think, people don’t need to know God for Him to dwell within them.


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