the birthday and the cakes that come along with it

March 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

Although it’s uncharacteristic of me, I’ve been feeling this sense of loneliness ever since I came back. I try not to make a big deal out of it, accepting it as part of my role and part of the commitment I made. Ha but it’s true and so I am glad to have been able to celebrate the birthday with the closest and dearest, the people I needed to spend time with 🙂

My friends have been sweetest, surprising me with cakes. These are often accompanied with much amusement. There was the flame which promptly blew out once I set my eyes on it. Someone who smoked lent his lighter to re-light it. As for the blueberry cheesecake at secret recipe, it was delicious but still not as delicious as seeing Aud and Vera striking match after match trying to light it. This, I believe, happened 2 years ago too :p :p It was nice to have a kind stranger offer to teach us how to strike a match. That said, I will emphasise it was not so much a lack of skills on their part but the strong blast from the aircon. The sociologist in me never fails to consider the context 😀

Some, of course, have unconventional ideas of birthday cakes. Here I am talking about Dom and the nonya cakes. Though I’m peranakan and am supposed to have at least known how these cakes look like, I strongly believe it’s my first time in 22 years seeing and eating it. There’s still a long way to go, even when you’re 22 and think you’re abit on the old side already. Later, these cake were used to feed a hungry coursemate 😀


Today I received yet another present. But what made this special is that it came unexpected–coming from my fellow SEP girls 🙂

Though we meet now and then, I believe that we are quite ready to leave SEP behind us and pick up from our lives before leaving. So it is nice to know that the bonds forged during that period were strong enough to culminate in a gift as thoughtful as this.

What I especially liked were the plasters, because I had a horrible shoe incident a week back, and the white tea, which brought my mind back to the time in Vancouver when Diana brought fruit tea over because  I was depressed over essays  :))

Some people have the special talent of pleasing her royal highness 🙂


§ 2 Responses to the birthday and the cakes that come along with it

  • vera says:

    haha i finally read your blog after the longest time and you have been updating!!! =)

    mmmm i am craving blueberry cheesecake again lah! haha!! =) can’t wait for the holidays then we can meet up, this time to celebrate aud’s birthday!!!!! wheeee

  • Serene says:

    😀 better still if we learn how to make it ourselves. ah shoo exams shoo!

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