Via Dolorosa

March 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Seeing the whipped and bleeding  Jesus struggle with His cross, I wanted so much to go and carry the cross with Him, to throw my body over Him to protect Him from all the persecution.

But in reality, all I have done is to whine, sulk and run away from the crosses I have had to carry. In reality, I let Jesus carry the cross by himself and is as guilty as the people who crucify Him. I have condemned Him on the cross with my sins.

Yet, all this proves for me that He is God. He is not God because He has performed miracles. He is God because He became small and vulnerable, He became man and consented to be persecuted. Only God would suffer like this for us.

I’m getting to know Him, with each new day.


§ One Response to Via Dolorosa

  • Aud says:

    I like the song alot rene. Yeah, we’re all getting to know God better too, and it’s exciting! He’s such a beautiful God, Father, Lover, Saviour! =)

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