April 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

The term makes alot of sense, especially when one realises how little she understands so little about herself.

The trigger for this thought? A sense of vulnerability that has been bugging me. I do know this side of me, at least of its existence. But in my waking moments, in which I’m engaged in something, there is little time to think about it. It is only when I climb into the dark warmth of my bed that the same kind of feelings I felt as a child arises. I feel again the fear when mummy puts me in school and I’m suddenly all alone in a sea of strange faces, with no comfort in sight, least of whom is the teacher. Suddenly, I appreciate my parents a whole lot, for they are the only one protecting me in a world I still can hardly make sense of. I can hardly understand why I have such feelings.

Perhaps, I’m not tired enough to fall asleep immediately. Which is not too cheerful a thought, because I have been sleeping too much for a person going to sit for exams next week :X


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