being female

May 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Over some green tea latte, decorating Aud’s card and copying guitar notes, I mentioned to Vera something that G.K.Chesterton said which I thought made much sense…that feminists are just females trying to be masculine.

I think feminists who think that don’t seem to be really feminist at all. If you’re proud to be a woman, why try so hard to be like men and prove that you’re better than them in their terms?

Vera shared with me something she read in ‘Captivating’. It says that women, made in God’s image, are bearers of beauty, which they long to unveil. Ah, if only women knew they were beautiful…they needn’t try to take on men. I’m reading it now, and finding it a pretty comforting read, which helps me understand myself abit more too 😀

In Genesis, Eve is offered an apple and she accepts it, because she mistrusted God, thinking that He was withholding something from her. The problem with women these days too seem pretty much the same, especially for the do-it-all kinda woman. She takes everything into her own hands, because she doesn’t trust God nor the men around her to do things for her. Ha, I think that sounds like me 😡 But ok, moving on, that’s not the way women are supposed to be. Women are made to be tender and kind and at rest(what a nice thought :D), and the do-it-all and mistrustful attitude just hardens them.

This has also something to do with Adam too. At her side, he remained passive instead of protecting Eve. Instead of rushing to women and being their knight in shining armour, Adam’s male descendents have also either been too passive, or used their strength wrongly (violence). As a result, women are faced with loneliness even when they’re with men.  

ummm I think, I’ll be taking some steps to trust God more.


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