the Father who is in heaven comes lovingly to meet His children :D

May 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

104 In Sacred Scripture, the Church constantly finds her nourishment and her strength, for she welcomes it not as a human word, “but as what it really is, the word of God”.67 “In the sacred books, the Father who is in heaven comes lovingly to meet his children, and talks with them.”68

Cathecism of the Catholic Church (An easy read, do check it out)

What a nice idea–that He Himself descends and comes to talk with me!

Yesterday, after encountering this phrase 2 times– in an article about Lectio Divinia and another on scriptures in general, I guessed that perhaps God was calling me to read the bible. At that point, I also got disconnected from the internet 2 times, so there was another reason leading me to believe this.

So I opened the bible and randomly read a few pages from Matthew 17, on the transfiguration and the epileptic demonic.

 But above all it’s the gospels that occupy my mind when I’m at prayer; my poor soul has so many needs, and yet this is the one thing needful. I’m always finding fresh lights there; hidden meanings which had meant nothing to me hitherto.103(St. Therese)

Little things began to strike me. For instance, this phrase: ‘Six days later, Jesus took with Him Peter and James and his brother John and led them up to a high mountain’.

I recalled the time I was trying to trek up the steep rocks of Grouse mountain, which heh, isn’t all that high in the world of mountains. It was tough! I thought I might just die on the way. What then came to mind was– wow Jesus is strong! He can climb mountains! The next thing that came to mind was– wahh why did He have to climb a high mountain! He must have really wanted to be alone with the disciples. Bearing in mind that it was a transfiguration, an episode in which He revealed His glory, his decision to climb up a mountain to avoid the crowd reveals His humility. It also shows to me that He doesn’t just reveal His glory to any person, but only to the closest and most trusted.

I went on to read about the epileptic demonic. Here, a man comes to Jesus directly to ask Him to cure his son, who was “always falling into fire or into the water”. I thought that was funny, although maybe thinking it funny is something not very nice. While I was amused, I didn’t anticipate Jesus’s reaction– his emotion-charged reply was, “Faithless and perverse generation! How much longer must I be with you? How much longer must I put up with you? Bring him here to me.” Woah! Jesus is EXASPERATED! I didn’t know that He could be so over his disciple’s lack of faith. Our having faith in Him must be something very very VERY important to Him. As I ponder over it, I also recall being angry when someone doesn’t trust me enough. In that way, I’m just like Him, except that if someone doesn’t trust me, s/he could have good grounds to do so.

Yet being woman, whose predecessor Eve accepted the apple because she didn’t trust God enough and thought maybe He was holding out on her (I got this from Captivating) I have also not trusted God at times. Indeed, He has come down to speak with me.

And He says, He is angry I do not trust Him enough.

What happened to “comes lovingly to meet His children”? Well, I have an answer to this. I heard it over the talkshow with Kimberly Hahn. People are angry only because they care about something too much.

I saw a rainbow today. I think it means He’s making up with me! 😀


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