so long now

May 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s been so long since I played the guitar. What spurred me to brush off the dust from mine is the guitar’s constant appearance this holidays- first, when Vera bought a new guitar, and second, during the arts retreat, and third, at jess’s place…

Although it’s not Christmas, I’ve been practising ‘What Child is This?’/Greensleeves (Vera, you may want to check this out!)

Roughly, I can hear the tune. But I don’t change notes fast enough, and I still hear the ringing sound at parts I don’t press hard enough…

While practising, my father came to sit beside me and boast about how he could play the guitar…once. It turned out to be an agonising though highly amusing wait as he pressed all the wrong chords and changed What Child is This? to a pop song 🙂 Granted, he did seem that he had learnt to play the instrument before because he picked up the chords very quickly… his rendition of the song is still as a pop song though

 >.<     -_-”      =D

After a while he complained that pressing the fretboard made his fingers painful. He then passed it back to me.

So I play, fingers hurting too. That’s one thing I dislike most about playing the guitar. I’m waiting for calluses to grow 🙂


§ 2 Responses to so long now

  • vera says:

    oh wow i haven’t been reading your blog for the longest time and managed to catch up on the lovely pictures and entries i’ve missed. thanks for the link =)

  • renebeams says:

    wow Vera, this post seems so long ago. Seriously, if you practise for an hour a day on the same song (i’m assuming it’s at the level of greensleeves), you’ll get it in a week 😀 Jia you!

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