June 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

While reading today (haha, so many things happen when I’m reading), a young indian man approached me for directions.

Which I gave.

Later when I met him outside the place which I had directed him to, I saw that he had just spoken with one of the priests. When he saw me, he tried to express something along the lines of me (probably my help) being very expensive to him. I was very confused, and later thought that maybe he was saying my clothes look very expensive. Now that I think about it, I think he may just be at a loss for words in trying to express his gratitude for me providing the correct directions. 😀

Despite my confusion, I think it was the most sincere thanks I’ve received 😀 It almost seemed, when he was thanking me, that he thought I was an angel SENT to him or that he could see the holy spirit working in me.

My regret is that when he was speaking I was confused about me being expensive and merely smiled. For all I know, I could have given him a weird expression or looked at him in shock…I am quite unaware of my facial expressions. Aiya.

Anyway, do pray for him. I think he’s not having a very smooth time. 😦


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