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June 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I tried to bake ginger cookies today…they turned out as ginger cakes. I don’t feel like even looking at them.

I gave up keeping a watch on my cookies and went to bathe…during which I was thinking how so many factors contribute to a good ginger cookie. Add milk, and the cookie becomes soft. Add extra molasses and it seems the cookie burns more easily. I am a horrible baker.

But this experience made me appreciate how precise God must have been, in order for the universe to work. Even baking a ginger cookie was hard, how much harder must it have been to think up of a thing such as ginger and how to give it a ginger-flavour! How much harder was it to think of how the ecosystems could sustain themselves and execute it!

Is it necessary that leaves sprout from trees? There must have been the precise congregation of factors for that to happen. Is it necessary that fishes can survive in the sea? The sea must have been the right acidity and so on! How does it happen just like this?

So it is, the only satisfactory answer is that the world is immersed in magic. Leaves sprout from trees, because it is a magic tree. The tree emerges from a seed, because it is a magic seed. GKC seconds this. My ginger cookie turns out to be a ginger cake, because I am no magician.


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