June 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here is an excerpt from St. Therese’s autobiography. It strikes me that we share such similarities. Or perhaps I’m just peeling my eyes for them. Anyhow it is comforting to know that she started off from somewhere:

My memories of her are so many that I do not know which to choose. We understood each
other perfectly, but I was much more forward and lively, and far less ingenuous. Here is a
letter which will show you, dear Mother, how sweet was Céline, and how naughty Thérèse.
I was then nearly three years old, and Céline six and a half: “Céline is naturally inclined to
be good; as to the little puss, Thérèse, one cannot tell how she will turn out, she is so young
and heedless. She is a very intelligent child, but has not nearly so sweet a disposition as her
sister, and her stubbornness is almost unconquerable. When she has said ‘No,’ nothing will
make her change; one could leave her all day in the cellar without getting her to say ‘Yes.’
She would sooner sleep there.”
I had another fault also, of which my Mother did not speak in her letters: it was sell-love.
Here are two instances: One day, no doubt wishing to see how far my pride would go, she
smiled and said to me, “Thérèse, if you will kiss the ground I will give you a halfpenny.” In
those days a halfpenny was a fortune, and in order to gain it I had not far to stoop, for I was
so tiny there was not much distance between me and the ground; but my pride was up in
arms, and holding myself very erect, I said, No, thank you. Mamma, I would rather go without it.”



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