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July 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been reading this book Vera lent me called Simple Faith by Charles Swindoll. And it strikes me that it really is simple. Not simple in the sense that christian precepts are easy to live by. Far from it. I have so much trouble turning the other cheek when someone insults me.

The faith is simple in the sense that it doesn’t so much doing as compared to being. One doesn’t need to serve in various ministries to be a good Christian, but one needs to heed the beatititudes– be poor in spirit, mourn (be truly repentant for one’s sins), be gentle (not being agressive, but letting God fight for us), be merciful to others, be sincere etc. All these we can do without being involved in any ministries.

Which is an apt realisation for me. It seems that somewhere I got lost in the doing and forgot to have simple faith. Yet, perhaps it would have had more of an impact if I had just tried hard to follow the beautitudes, disciplined myself to spend time with God each day, instead of thinking how to say best plan CG when it comes to it, or how to reach out to certain people. Granted those are important, but perhaps not the priority. I should start with cultivating holiness in myself.

Jesus never said to His disciples, “You know, fellas, we have to work on gathering a better crowd. They’re getting pretty thin, especially on Sunday night.” No, it was never like that. He just turned on the light and they came to Him. In the wilderness. Or in the city. On the hillside. At the lakeside. They came! He was so different! He was light. And so are we.

What will they see? They will see “your good works,” Jesus said. Like what? They will hear your courtesy. They will detect your smile. They will notice that you stop to thanks them. They will hear you apologise when you are wrong. They will see you help them when they’re struggling. They will notice that you are the one who stopeed along the road and gave them a hand. They will see every visible manifestation of Christ’s life being normally lived through you. They will see all that and they will “glorify your Father who is in heaven” (Matt 5:16). John R. W. Stott writes,

I sometimes think how splendid it would be if non-Christians curious to discover the the secret and source of our light, were to come up to us and enquire:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are!

from Simple Faith, p. 58


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