strummin’ and cookin’

July 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

So I’ve been picking up my guitar ever so often and playing hours at one go so much so that I feel I have so little time for everything else, other than cooking.

I am motivated to cook because it’s kinda fun thinking up of combinations and cutting the carrots and peeling the garlic and entertaining thoughts of how much I’m saving by cooking at home and how much healthier the food at home is. But it’s not nice when I cook up something horribly unappetising and need to struggle to finish the food I cooked. Now I know better– when I am trying a new recipe, cook only a small amount.

As for the guitar playing, I’ve slowly increased my repetoire of songs. The first song I got down to was What Child is This? The next was the Splendour of the King, taught to me by Vera 😀 This is my first strumming song. Then there is the soothing Amazing Grace and the not-so-soothing-because-i’m-horrible-at-it Somewhere over the rainbow. To add on to that, I’ve been trying to sing with the songs I play and landed myself a weird sore throat which makes me feel kinda sick. Somewhere over the rainbow is especially trying because it is in such a high pitch I have to scream to sing it. As you can tell, this state of affairs doesn’t get me into the mood to play out a nice and soothing song about a beautiful world somewhere beyond mine. Haha!




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