Bible study notes: Genesis part 1

July 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I will be using this blog to record highlights from my bible study notes and my thoughts occassionally.

Creation Story

  • God saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone, and thus he created Eve. She was his helper, but also his equal.
  • Sabbath was created for Man. It is a day to acknowledge God and His Lordship.
  • The kind of punishment that God laid out is a remedial one– it helps us learn that to give of ourselves is good/fruitful suffering. Adam and Eve were unwilling to deny themselves and put God’s will first. Thus they were to learn that out of giving of themselves (through suffering), there was new life. For the woman, the pains of childbirth are forgotten when she carries her newborn in her arms. As for the man, he plows the land and for his sweat, crops sprout from the ground.
  • Before the fall, the will was subject to the intellect. After the fall, the will often directs the intellect. (That’s why we often do unwise things we later regret doing.)

Cain and Abel

  • God was not pleased with Cain’s offering (some of his harvest), but He was pleased with Abel’s offering (best parts of the first born lamb). This is not because God prefers meat. God doesn’t need our sacrifices and so He doesn’t care what they are. But He does care about what they represent.
  • Cain is furious. His anxiety is caused by his own wrongdoing. Application: Sometimes, we cause our own anxiety when we are not right with God.
  • going east of= going away from God’s presence

Noah’s Ark

  • God wiped out the evil men with the flood. However, sin persisted in the world because our nature is sinful.

Tower of Babel

  • The people wanted to make a name for themselves. Fail. Compare this with God telling Abraham that He will make his name great. Pass 🙂   Application: We shouldn’t try to make a name for ourselves and elevating ourselves, but focus on worshipping God. Trying to make a name for ourselves harms our relationship with God.
  • Reversal of the Babel event in which the people’s languages were confused and they were scattered: the disciples speaking in tongues, God inviting people all over the globe (not just the Jews) into a relationship with Himself  (Acts)

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