an amusing complaint

August 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

People who complain are irritating. Right?

Somehow, I hardly recall being irritated when my friends complain. In fact I remember being highly amused.

A comment someone made on the onlinecitizen about Singapore’s Medisave being quite useless, because going to hospital is nonsense, reminded me why I am constantly amused by my fellow Singaporeans’ complaints:

if you are unlucky and have a major illness you will then find out that the hospital is really a big money sucking machine. It will suck you dry before you are cure.

They will check here check there test here test there. In the end if you are lucky you are cure from your illness but you will have a instant death when you receive the bill and find out the amount of cash you have to pay.

Is it worth spending so much on medical just to prolong your life for another year but get your family in deep financial shit?

Many of us know that logically it is not worth the money and trouble but how many of us have to the gut to do otherwise?


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