start of school

August 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

The day before school found me feeling apprehensive. I was quite sure my brain had rotted in the academic department. I hadn’t even been reading the newspapers.

The first day of school (Tuesday) found me pleasantly surprised. Firstly, my only friend in my major was enrolled in both my classes for that day. Then, I made friends with her friend, and I quite like her friend. It’s so easy to talk to her. During the lunch break, we couldn’t find seats so we sat beside a guy using his laptop. As I was about to eat my food, I made a sign of the cross and He asked if I was Christian. I later identified his accent as being German. Ha, if there was one thing I gained from my German business lecturer, it is how to identify a German accent. He thought I was Filipino. Close guess. Anyway I know it seems like nothing much, and may not qualify for being highlight of the week, but how often does one encounter a German guy in Singapore? 🙂

The classes were also interesting. Turns out that instead of lamenting over my rotten brain, I was intrigued by all the new stuff I learnt in class. The guy beside me who was nodding his head to the things mentioned in class and dishing out related topical vocabulary also makes me think that I need to buck up. Later, when I went home, I came upon news articles on the Khmer Rouge genocide trials and the ongoing trial of Yong. I find myself thinking happily how the stuff I learn in class is so related to what I encounter in the news.

I end the day going home with my friend who’s in both my classes. I hardly ever get to go home with friends, so I’m happy.

What a nice start to the semester! I feel positive about it already.


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