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August 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Daily God's Gift (Sunset on the City, seen fro...

Image by Kopfjäger via Flickr

It was when I was looking at my mother as she asked the sister and I to be well on our way to the mall that I realised that my mother is God’s gift.

And that it is by God’s love and grace that she is here with us.


I was watching ‘The Tree’ today, an Okto Art film. It ended with the death of the protagonist’s father, and his voice-over: ‘Man is always in search of happiness. He does not realise that happiness has always been right beside him’.

How true, happiness is right where I am. I am happy.


I was eating a banana when the phrase, ‘There is no free lunch’, came to mind.

Immediately it strikes me as untrue. The banana, if I had plucked it off the tree myself, would be free.

The most precious things like love are free. One cannot earn love.

I was brushing my teeth, and I recalled also, that my teeth are free.

I draw in a deep breath. Oxygen is free too.

I am amazed at how God provides.


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