An interesting day

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Most days, I go for class, hang out at the arts corner abit and then go home.

Yesterday, I went to Holland V to meet my mentor after class. On the way there, I met the guy who was helping the prof out in my class and thus had a pleasant bus ride. My mentor was really interesting too. Though her subject area is not something that I specialise or wish to specialise in, I found myself spellbound as she talked about her various fieldtrips and even her university days. When someone is passionate about something, it really rubs onto others.

After that, I went to walk around Holland V and found the most fascinating things—like earrings made from quilled paper and furniture from all around the world.

Later I went home with James and was entertained by his nonsense interspersed with apologies for talking nonsense because he was very tired.

I thought I would be a jaded year 4. Today, I’m thinking that there’s still so much to discover J


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