Fulton Sheen- Wasting your life

October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

In Sheen’s talk, Wasting your Life, he talks about pouring out what you have generously, like the woman who poured out her perfume and wept at Jesus’s feet, like Mother Teresa…We sometimes fear that if we were to do that, we will not have enough for ourselves. At this point, Sheen reminds us that if we’re in love, we can do anything, we can do incredible things. Our energy, expanded and wasted, will be renewed by love.

I feel quite encouraged. The trick now, is to fall in love with God. Sometimes I think I love Him. Yet when I recall the Songs of Solomon and look at the kind of love I have, I wonder if mine is really love and if I can feel that kind of love. I think though, that I’m on my way.

I look at the picture of Jesus on my desk, and feel as if He’s saying, ‘You’re in love with me already’. Loving without realising it seems to be what characterizes me? and maybe many others too?


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