falling in love with reading

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is not often, when I read that I feel an attraction to the material, as if, if I may compare, I am falling in love. The last book which had that effect for me was ‘The Return of the Prodigal Son’ by Henri Nouwen.

My sociology readings don’t give me that. The newspapers don’t give me that. Ha, even the things that I myself write in my blog, not all of them give me that, despite it being about me.

Yet when I read Fulton Sheen’s reflections, and in my mind hear him speak in his characteristic dramatic voice, something inside blossoms. How simply he puts across the profound!

Here’s a taste, from Mornings with Fulton Sheen (120 Holy Hour Readings) :

The search for peace within the self is always doomed to fail; the two loneliest places in the world are a strange city and one’s own ego. When man is alone with his thoughts, in false independence of the Love Who made him, he keeps bad company. No amount of psycholanalysis can heal the uneasiness that results, for its basis is metaphysical, its source the tension between the finite and the infinite

(Lift Up Your Heart)

What makes a pencil bad? Well, here is a pencil. This is a good pencil because it does what it was made to do. It writes. Is it a good can opener? It certainly is not!

Suppose I use the pencil as a can opener? What happens? First of all, I do not open the can. Second, I destroy the pencil.

Now if I decide to do certain things with my body which I ought not to do, I do not attain the purpose for which I was created. For example, becoming an alcoholic does not make me happy. I destroy myself just as I destroyed the pencil in using it to open a can.

When I disobey God, I do not make myself very happy on the inside, and I certainly destroy the peace of soul that I ought to have.

(Through the Year with Fulton Sheen)



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