falling in love

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I used to bemoan my difficulty in falling in love. I bemoaned that fact because I’m quite sure it would be very nice to be in love. I imagined, it would be like walking on cloud 9. Somewhere along the way, I reasoned that God was trying to protect me from emotional hurt. After all, when I think I am losing a friendship, I get quite upset over it. What more, if I should fall in love and then fall out of love?

These words by Fulton Sheen rings too many bells in me to not put it down:

The man that a girl loves at fifteen is not the one she will love at nineteen, that is to say, love enough to marry. Sometimes the one she loves at twenty is not the one she would marry at twenty-three.

The reason is that a woman’s nature cannot dissociate sex and love as readily as a man. Her nature is much more integrated, and her elements cohere more gradually. That is why a woman is slow to fall in love. She will not give herself until she completely possesses the personality or is ready to be possessed by the personality. This is the safeguard God has put into her to prevent her from making a fool of herself, like the little girl who recently bemoaned, “He broke off our engagement. He returned my frog.”




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