October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I came home really late today.

As I entered my house, with everyone asleep, I felt this sudden pang of sadness because I felt that I hadn’t spent time with my family much.

And I started to think…this is not what I want.

In the future at least, I don’t want to come home late every night to find everyone asleep, and to get up the next morning to find everyone having gone to work or still asleep. That is what my sister go through, and I’m not sure if it’s good. And as I look at my mother sitting alone while I’m walking back to the room to study, something inside just says it’s not right that we’re so busy for one another.

I’ve been thinking that when I work, and I support my parents, at least they’ll be at home 🙂 But I hope I don’t work so much I sleep immediately after working 😡

I don’t look forward to work though…

And as for my dream to be a grandma sitting on a rocking chair and then getting up to bake cookies for children in some cottage like place near the fields and forests and ocean..




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