do farmers eat prawns?

October 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Mum: Eat the prawns also ok?

Me: But I don’t like prawns

Mum: (knowing that I don’t like prawns because they’re difficult to peel) I’ll peel for you

Me: (staring at prawns) What’s the health benefits of prawns?

Mum: They’re just a source of protein

Me: Hmm, but I’m blood group A

Mum: means what?

Me: I descended from farmers, so I should only eat vegetables

Mum: But some farmers rear chickens

Me: OK, chicken is ok. But farmers don’t eat prawns

Mum: Some farmers rear prawns

Me: But I’m talking about the farmers who did not live near the sea. Maybe I descended from farmers who live inland

Mum: But farmers can buy prawns

Me: (proceed to eat and keep quiet)



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