clearing my space

December 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is difficult to get down to cleaning my space, and even when I took the first step today, I found it difficult to part with things which remind me of aspects of myself which have faded away. My JC notes are difficult to part with firstly because I somehow think I may need the information somehow one day, and secondly because I decorated my notes so nicely. Uni stuff I discard if I don’t see any practical purpose to the information, or if I didn’t enjoy the module.

While throwing out my stuff rather reluctantly, I suddenly recalled some TV show where they go to people’s houses and help them clean up. Sometimes, there were people who wanted to hold on to a certain item which belonged to a loved one. The argument against that is that the item is only a physical reminder and what’s most important is that the memory is kept. Staring at the about to be thrown item, I realised what it was like for those people. Physical items are needed to remember things. Back went the item into the ‘to keep’ pile.

At the end of 3 hours, I managed to throw out a box of stuff. Far from neatening up my space, but at least it’s abit neater.




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