like grandfather, like granddaughter

December 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

In the big open-spaced kitchen, Kong Kong and Mama experimented with some coconut and jelly. Their friend had given them young coconuts with deliciously tender flesh filled with jelly a few days ago and it was a treat for all. Even my mum, who avoids ‘rubbish’ (generally refers to snacks) succumbed to tasting it, then finishing it all up. Typical of Kong, he was going to make that too. Mama had to help, haha.

I think I got that from him. Inside the house, I was quilling.

It started out when I went to meet my mentor for lunch at Holland V’s Sushi Tei and decided to wander about in the shops after that. I chanced upon, to my delight,  really cool and intricate quilled items ranging from earrings to cards to name card holders. I bought a earring as a friend’s birthday present and have been thinking about it ever since. Thing is it’s pretty hard to get quilling materials in Singapore, except at Art Friend which has exorbitant prices. But I did eventually find quilling paper at Golden Dragon in Chinatown. My gripe is that it doesn’t sell them in GREEN and black. I can colour white quilling paper black myself, but the lack of green is really limiting because I’m only interested in quilling plants and garden animals. But anyway, I did manage to quill some flowers and garden animals, which didn’t need any green. 😀




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