My Kong Kong

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Kong Kong is partially deaf. As such, I hardly know how to communicate with him.

He is usually in the backyard kitchen, seated on a beach-like chair, looking out at his plants perhaps. Or the sky.









Occasionally, he changes the position of his windmills. There is a bee my sister gave him, which has a windmill as wings. The bee’s body fades in the sun. He buys a dragon fly foam cut-out and changes the bee into a dragon fly.

He pastes a sunflower in the middle of his standing fan.

He fiddles with food, trying out new recipes. Mama helps him. Daddy comes home from their house with roti pratas and kuehs.

He offers me apples when I come to his house. He makes Milo for my grandma and me. He gives me biscuits.

When I was younger and at the age where I should have outgrown my bottle, he smiles cheekily and teases me when he sees me still drinking from my bottle.

I sleep on the bed in the spare room. When I wake up, he asks me if I have been to China. The next time I sleep and wake up again, he asks if I went to Hong Kong and came back. I smile, not knowing how to continue the conversation because he can’t hear.

A few days ago, while he was scooping mee siam Mama prepared for himself while I was standing near by, he asks me how much the mee siam is. When he adds the spring onions, he tells me it’s ‘from my garden’ and points me it its direction. I am happy, for I can count with my hands the occasions when he has spoken to me over the years.

Mama says she fell in love with him because he is simple.



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