Beloved one

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

I decided that I was going to be a good girl and exercise today, so I went running. I also decided that I should not jog around my block, because I might just want to head home after jogging abit.

To force myself to run, I ran in the other direction, the TJC route. That way, I would have to complete at least 3km before heading home.

Who knew, after 10 minutes, I was so much in pain from a sudden stomach cramp/spasm/whatever I sat down on the curb in cold sweat almost on the verge of tears. I was contemplating if I should just press on and head home, or…go to my grandparents’ place, which was pretty near.

I went to the grandparents’.

And received royal treatment. When my grandma wiped my drenched body with a towel which smelt like the grandparents, rubbed oil on my stomach, gave me hot milo, and my grandpa passed me biscuits, I knew that this was all of God. This is family, love, goodness…

And then I felt like crying again, but not because of the pain.


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