July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do you hate the word, ‘conversion’?

I don’t, but it’s not a word that appeals to me either.

It sounds moralistic– “you are a horrible person, you better heed the call to conversion!” We all know how that just doesn’t work. Call me a horrible person, and I’m going to call you one back :X

But today, as I was meditating on this scene–the proclamation of the Kingdom of God with the call to conversion, it dawned upon me that Jesus wasn’t being moralistic, at least not primarily so.

When he says ‘Woe to (a certain hardened people who resist conversion)’, perhaps His own heart is broken…

It’s horrifying that I didn’t notice this before in my rosary booklet, but his heart is bleeding. If you have had your heart broken before, you can imagine. Then imagine it 10x worse, or to the extent that your heart bleeds. In this light, I can only feel that conversion is not a moralistic call, but it’s a call to mend (or start) our relationship with Him, something that He thirsts for.

He doesn’t come to condemn, at all.





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