meet-ups and reflections

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

With what has been going on in the community, it was refreshing to meet up with friends this week to do fun things. OK, not all the meet-ups were fun. The one with the girls left all our hearts heavy, but yet it was comforting because we finally talked about what has been absent in our interactions with one another and what we could do– more regular meet-ups rather than meet-ups to just catch up once in a blue moon. This is following a major and sobering wake-up call, but wake-up calls are good. It was refreshing honesty to admit that we felt down after the meeting in which the atmosphere was more than slightly tense, given what has happened.

It is refreshing because I know many friends who are far from honest with me. And some of them are supposedly my good friends. They say, I love what you do, or worse, ‘I love you’. Really? Then why don’t you ask more about it and hear me share about it? I’ll admit I’m biased– if a friend is honest, I treasure the friendship more. I love honesty, I would rather be hurt by the honest truth than to happily believe a lie. But it’s hard to tell your friends the truth, isn’t it? As Jo says, only good friends would go through the pain to be honest and to tell you what’s going on with them or your mistakes or whatever 🙂 I don’t need half-meant platitudes of ‘I miss you!’ and ‘let’s keep in touch’ when the actions accompanying the words say something else.  We need more people who mean what they say and show it by their actions! No room for timidity when you love your friend. Perfect love casts out fear? Haha, did I use this correctly?

Ha. This post was supposed to be about fun things. Next up is learning photoshop from Jon + video-ing him using the pencil brush technique. While I was videoing him all concentrated in drawing (a good 10 minutes), I felt a sense of being “in the zone” where one is purely concentrated…for me I was focused on getting the right angle and trying to make sure the markings were clear on video etc. That was calming, almost rejuvenating. And today I read an article which said that physical exercise is spiritual–athletes are described as being “in the zone”, purely concentrated on whatever they’re doing. Whatever it is, I need more “in the zone” activities. I know art is one 😀

Ha then it was mass with the broomers, whom I may possibly see for the last time? Ha no, we may meet up after I come back. But it was all so happy as well. Halfway through I was just thinking how this is like an oasis for some of us– like no matter how badly things are going, there’s this space where we just come together away from the maddening crowds 🙂 A state of liminality?





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