August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I found the place to retire. Hallstatt! When I was there I kept thinking how mummy would love to travel here. The mother has always wanted to travel but couldn’t, and Hallstatt is the place where I’ll bring her to when I have the money. The houses are all works of art, the kind of art that blends in and brings out the beauty of nature around it. Not high art. Vienna is high art my simple mind cannot grasp..or doesn’t intend to grasp. The people in Vienna are very kind though, you can almost feel them looking out for that strange chinese girl.

Going on this trip so far has reinforced my solitude. I don’t know why, but I just keep thinking I am alone and I have to face certain things myself, things that I find difficult to voice out. Maybe this is homesickness, I look for anything familiar in an unfamiliar place. It’s getting better though, first night in Vienna was surprisingly gloomy and the month seemed like a pretty long time. Now I think I could just settle into this pace. Things looked up from Hallstatt yesterday, though I lost my hat and am pretty upset about it because of the pains the sister went through to get it.

Everything is strange for now. Pray it looks up!


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