a strange dream

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just had the strangest dream, which made more sense than usual dreams in that it wasn’t just a compilation of snapshots.

I was in a place of shops, just that this place was of shops by students, and everyone had their actual name as the name of the shop. I went into a friend’s shop, beside which was another friend’s shop. There was a box in the shop, I was looking through this with a few others and I saw handmade cards and books inside. One book had a picture of Jesus on the floor, very much like the image of Him having fallen from carrying the cross. It was a story book and when I flipped to the back, there were comments from people who had read it and there was one that said it was the best book she had read and another who said that the book was kinda expensive and suggested a price range for it to be sold at. So anyway I read it there and then. I don’t know when but halfway through some people started using the box as a bin and got a stern reminder from me.

I don’t remember much, the the Protagonist was a girl called Peter. Hmm. Who fell in love with some guy called Midiego. All that I actually don’t remember, but I know this because at the end of the dream, or the story, the protagonist was walking dejectedly to a bus and when she entered and sat down in one of the seats, her grandma/the queen was chastising her for not having climbed the mountain and not having gone through with the marriage to Midiego, even though she very well loved him and had changed her name to Midiego. Basically, the scolding was about not persevering in anything.

In the dream, I had the sense that I wanted to remember this story but thought that I could go google for it when I woke up. Which I just did, and obviously it didn’t have any results. So strange, but I’m thinking if there was any message for me. I should persevere in some of my endeavors abit more.



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