Eggs and goodness

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I reached home today after having bought eggs and some other groceries, I realised that the eggs weren’t in the bag.The mum, set on making eggs for breakfast tomorrow, told me to go back to get the eggs. It was only right. I should get what I pay for, and so the dad drove me back to NTUC.

Cashiers–busy. I went further in to the counter where a woman was weighing produce and chatting to a young male colleague. After getting acquainted with my problem, the young male colleague who was more fluent in English told me to wait a moment while he checked. Knowing, or thinking at that moment that staff on the ground like them may not be able or motivated to help me, I said a little prayer. Here is a guy, emotionally/biologically/spiritually tuned to help women in distress no? Haha! So I prayed to God to help him be a real man.

Cut the story short, God answered my prayer and the guy really went out of the way to help me, so that although they did not find the eggs, I got another carton of eggs. Probably staff protocol, but still there was definitely human kindness involved. I am so amused and heartened by the goodness around me– I refer also to the woman at the weighing station, because when she saw me pacing around she checked that someone was attending to my problem.


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