Too amused to wallow

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had better practise writing, because I will be going to have to be good at it, soon. I actually am betting that I was a better writer 8 years ago, but hopefully it comes back. So, here I am!

You know days when you wished you could just sleep a wee bit longer? I forgot what that was like for a while, but it looks like the early mornings I have to keep are going to mean my bed is way more attractive and warm and soft than it has been for a few years now.

I can only say that today felt almost surreal. On one hand, it felt like I was back to school. There was the smell of school, minus the times I got distracted by the haze. There was the school canteen. There was the field. But now, things are different. Now, we are among fellow adults, marching forth to mould young minds.

Fortunately, I hadn’t enough time today to wallow in such thoughts. If I did, his voice would suddenly boom and startle me. Our trainer, an energy-emitting ball whirled in front of us, eyes intent on the class as he related anecdotes and demonstrated strategies. I found myself highly amused, even laughing. (You know, I haven’t met someone who could make me laugh and feel this sense of lightness in a long time. Even people whom other people find funny, I just don’t find them funny. So my amusement today, for its elusiveness, gains a certain importance in my book.)

It was good too, to see a familiar face, who is another ball of laughter himself. In fact, he laughed the loudest at all the jokes, which invited the trainer to chuckle abit more too. I am needless to say, amused at all these.

What did I learn? The words fade away. One thing remains. Isn’t there a quote on this? People don’t remember…whatever it is. They remember, however, how you made them feel. I need to work on bringing joy to others. Or maybe I don’t. I need to work on being joyful myself, and that will come 😉








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