Look who stood up for me

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every day, there is something to smile or laugh about. Usually, it’s something of a light-hearted nature. Today, though my spirits are not as high, there is something to smile about as well…

Today, I am blissfully smiling away at the fact that Y, halfway through the lesson, sternly told the boy across him whom I guess was probably sniggering at whatever I was teaching, ‘Can you be more appreciative of what Ms. X has done?”

Now if you know Y, you will know that he is notorious for flouting school rules. The supposedly unappreciative boy, on the other hand, has little problems with teachers. Thus, what I just related may sound strange. Y is not particularly attentive during lessons, and can be found walking around even. However, in my encounters with him, I have found him to be hard on the outside but amazingly soft-hearted. Assuming that I had lied to him when he checked with me what my route home was (he had seen me), he rudely shouted at me, pointing to his nose, ‘Don’t think I don’t know! You are lying through your nose!’ After I had calmly clarified things, his demeanor immediately changed. He was friendly even. That this change happened so quickly makes me think that his harshness is just a facade.

When I reflect about what has happened on the bus rides home, I realise the humour in the situations that happened– My curt replies to students whom I think have gone over the barrier, in my attempt to protect myself from being climbed over, their attempts to test if I am the sort of teacher who can become a friend, a scrawny boy who uses his plump friend beside him as the punching bag, and steals a glance at me to see if I am seeing the macho-ness that he is exuding…

I always believed that it is the bright students who do their homework whom teachers find endearing. They are like the elder brother in the story of the prodigal son. But now I understand how happy God the Father was when it is a wayward younger brother who does something morally praiseworthy.


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