October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have good and bad news.

The bad news is that one class, supposedly good, has managed to drive me nuts minus the health-benefiting omega-threes.

The good news is that it is the classes teachers typically think are the worse ones to teach which are warming up to me, and I to them. Didn’t Jesus say that He came to save those who are sick, not those who don’t need a doctor?

Thinking about it, it makes good sense. My idiosyncrasies work for me with the ‘bad classes’ and against me in the ‘good classes’.  If everyone thinks someone is bad, it triggers my inner heroine and I’ll find ways and means to think of his good point and emphasize it. I’ve always felt a need to stand out for those whom the world was against, unless of course I too could not find a positive trait I have a soft spot for. Noticing I’m more for them than against them, the mouth of that class speaks up for me occasionally and the notorious student offers me a hug, which of course I do not accept, when he sees I’m visibly upset. The so-called better students tend to be yaya papayas (for the non-Singaporean, this means arrogance+complacency) and much less concerned about me, my only winning point being my ability to teach. I don’t treat them horribly, quite nicely in fact. Since they are treated well by other teachers, however, this goes unappreciated.

So there, my lunacy is explained, just in the rare case someone out there needs to know 🙂



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